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Product List

  • Intelligent APFC with microprocessor based controller
  • Automatic switching of PFC capacitors based on load variations of plant
  • Designed to achieve power factor near to unity
  • Available for balanced as well as un-balanced loads, 1-ph and 3-phase
  • Latest thyristor zero-voltage switching system – cycle-to-cycle correction
  • High speed – transient free switching of PFC capacitors within 40 to 60ms.
  • Designed to achieve precisely unity p.f. near to unity to get max pf rebate and avoid leading p.f.
  • Available detuning factors p : 7%, 14%, 5.67%
  • Anti-resonance series reactors I = 1.06*Ic
  • High Linearity : 200%
  • Low loss design
  • Overload capacity : 130% continuous
  • Suitable for real-time capacitor switching
  • Available in 1800, 2200 & 4000 PIV
  • Two-leg control, thyristors - SEMIKRON make
  • Most advanced thyristor firing card with MOVs
  • Compact and heat efficient design
  • Essentil to reduce harmonic levels under IEEE 519 limits
  • Available from 30 to 600 A, 415 & 690 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Available in both versions : 3P3W & 3P4W
  • Operation modes : Harmonic filtering, power factor correction and phase balancing
  • MPP Capacitors
  • APP Controllers
  • APFC Capacitors
  • Contactors
  • Intelligent APFC with microprocessor based controller
  • HT capacitor banks upto 10,000 KVAR, 132 KV voltage class, indoor as well as outdoor type
  • HT APFC panels with 3 to 8 step switching as per the load variations
  • Ready-to-install modules for assembly of APFC & RTPFC
  • Available for 5 to 150 KVAR
  • Rack type assembly for modular panels

About PQS

PQS Electrolink (I) Private Limited is ISO 9001:2008, fast growing professionally managed company engaged in manufacturing power factor correction and harmonic filtering products. The company has a latest state-of-art manufacturing plant located near Ahmedabad having total of 10,000 sq. ft. shop floor and office area. Backed by sound technocrats and experienced professionals over more than 20 years, the company is focused in designing, manufacturing power quality systems. Products are manufactured in stages having quality control checks at all points thus ensuring safe and correct products.

Our Motto

Meeting customer demands for energy saving & clean power through latest world-class technologies and cost effectiveness.


About promotor

Mr. Bhavin V. Shah, Chairman of PQS Electrolink (I) Pvt. Ltd. started his buisness operations in 2005 after gaining rich experience working with Telemecanique, SIEMENS and EPCOS. Basically he is Graduate in Electrical Engineering from Ahmedabad with over 20 years of experience in power quality solutions. Mr. Shah has built a dynamic team of qualified technocrats to serve the customers seeking solutions. His passion for power quality business delivers immense energy into providing solutions for challenging problems of today's industries. His vision is to help national cause of clean and efficient power usage.